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Skimmer, USA began over twelve years ago after founder, a physicist residing in Santa Cruz, California decides to combine his scientific background with his passion for rowing and fitness to design the ultimate rowing machine. the result; Skimmer, an ultralight rowing craft designed for fitness buffs of all ages and abilities.

Dave Emmers' vision was to bring outdoor fitness back into people's lives and combine fitness and leisure for people of all ages. He wanted to see people take advantage of one of the best playgrounds for fitness and sport: the open water. His quest was to design and create watercrafts that help make exercise enjoyable and allow people to experience the outdoors and the tranquility of being on the water.

Today, Dave's passion lives on and his devotion to building the ultimate rowing craft is the foundation that has brought the Skimmer boat to hundreds of rowers and exercise enthusiasts around the world.

We invite you to take a closer look at Skimmer and find out why so many people have found their own passion for Skimmer, the ultralight rowing craft.

Latest NEWS

  • We have a new website!

    August 12, 2016

    New site design launched! Come check us out and stay for the informational video!

  • Some big changes coming!

    June, 3 2016

    Big changes are coming to Skimmerboat soon! Keep checking back with us for more details.


"There are points I wish to affirm as a rowing enthusiast and Physician. I live in a full season area near a mountain lake. As such it was important to have a safe craft for extended use during cold weather. Your design has met that need. I have not ever felt unstable on the craft and have been able to dress comfortably while using my Skimmer. It was a cautious decision to make a purchase of that amount with out a prior trial of your product...and I have not been disappointed." - RAYMOND E. TIDMAN, M.D.

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